Day 2: Face – Alliteration


I pace and trace your face into the spaces of the mind

Do you realise how hypnotised I am by your eyes?

Dark hair and in despair, we would’ve made such a great pair

But what a pity, it is to love somebody who is empty

So I pace and I trace your face into the spaces of my mind

Author Notes: Okay. That was rough. I know that this is an “Intro to Poetry” course but that was a…trainwreck.

Quick side story. In my first year of university I took up philosophy as a unit and I went into it thinking, ‘YES! I am going to own this’. Then the professor started talking about utilitarian, totalitarian and the trolley dilemma. She started to walk between aisles and asking for student participation. I panicked and wish to God that she wouldn’t pick me. At that moment I knew – I f***ed up! I was so freaked out that I dropped the unit the following week and never went back.

Reflecting on this experience now, I had unreal expectations of myself and the subject which got the better of me. Most of the time when you start something you will be crap at it; it will be a hit and miss. Over time through practice and learning, you will be able to do it but I didn’t give myself that opportunity when it came to philosophy. I ran. But I don’t want to do that with poetry, and no matter how trash this alliteration poem was I am not going to run away from this challenge. So alliteration is not my thing… yet! However, I’m hopeful that maybe ‘Day 3’ will be more my cup of tea?

Wish me luck and stay woke.


Day 2: Write A List

Today’s task is to write a list based on any of the following topics:

  • Things I Like
  • Things I’ve Learned
  • Things I Wish
  • Things You’re Good At

I think that the most challenging task for anyone would be to highlight what they’re good at because we live in a society that constantly feeds off of our insecurities or what we think we are bad at. This will be my first attempt at writing a list of 15 (positive) things that I believe I am good at in under 45 minutes. We’ll see what we get after the chaos.

15 Things I believe I am good at:

  1. Singing
  2. Creating music
  3. Writing (in general)
  4. I guess I would say I’m pretty good at makeup.
  5. I was very good at Rugby but I haven’t played in a while.
  6. I’m good at being able to tell whether someone is lying or not- or if someone is being ingenuine.
  7. I’d like to think that I’m a good listener.
  8. Being a friend.
  9. Trying new exotic dishes
  10. Lending a hand/ helping others
  11. I definitely try my hardest to be a good person both to strangers and loved ones
  12. B A N T E R 😉
  13. Telling stories
  14. Knowing someone’s character
  15. Honesty


WOW. That took so much longer than I expected, granted I did finish the list with 20 minutes to spare. I kept finding that it was really hard to try and stop myself from looking at the things I am good at that aren’t necessarily “positive” qualities/skills to have. For example, I am really good at procrastinating but that in itself has negative connotations. It was also hard to tell where the line between humility and arrogance is because I often think “Oh, I’m so good at that” but what is too egotistical?

*cue Beyonce’s ‘Ego’*

I want to be able to look at this list later on when I need to reinforce positive aspects about myself and really reflect on how much I have grown as a person.

Have you done this challenge? If not I definitely encourage you to try and let me know about the obstacles you faced writing the list. Tag #heyitsarny so I can see your challenge.

Stay woke.

Day 1: Water- Haiku

1. I bathe in you, yet

you leave me so dry and dead

and dehydrated

2. There is something in

the nature of your beauty

the drowns everything

3. I am encompassed

by you, leave nothing untouched

like water you flood

Author’s notes:
I’m sorry. I didn’t realise how depressing I was until I wrote these. I didn’t take water literally, more like a metaphor for something else that I consume almost like water, that without it I feel barren and empty.

Let me know if you liked these or resonate with any of them, and as always Stay Woke!

Day 1: Why Do I Write?

I guess I started writing this blog due to the fact that it was a piece of assessment I needed to complete for my digital marketing course at university. It seemed a lot like a chore, wherein completing one post would give me a credit point next to my degree. Nowadays my blog is pretty empty and struggling to find itself – which kind of extends to me personally; I am struggling to find myself.

There are a lot of blog posts I have deleted since revamping my blog but I find that although it felt like a chore when I was writing those digital marketing posts, I actually enjoyed writing. I write in my personal journals, I write lyrics, I write speeches and Facebook posts. So, writing these blog posts really ignited that passion I have always had in my heart to write.

But what am I going to write about now? My digital marketing class finished last year, so I am not obligated to post weekly anymore. I also took a shot at writing A (singular) movie review which I had a lot of fun doing but I don’t know whether this is the direction I want to take my blog.

I really would love to create this blog as a collection of all the topics and categories that I am interested in. My blog is called ‘Stay Woke’ because I want to inform my fellow Millenials and Gen Zs about a lot of things in life. I have had a whole year to leave this blog and come back to it again to write fresh new ideas, and I have those fresh new ideas, a fresh perspective of the world around me. Unfortunately, when I finally open up my laptop and stare at this blank blog post, I lose the words. I lose the sentences and the fire that I had five minutes prior to opening up my laptop.

What am I scared of? Judgement? I talk so much about owning yourself and your story, not caring what other’s think about you, but something as simple as writing a post like this is hard. So, today I write because of this prompt. It is a prompt I received from joining a WordPress blogging course where I try to find inspiration from everyday concepts. Tomorrow I will write because of another prompt or I will write poetry because I am also doing a course in poetry writing, or something completely different who knows.

I think the essential question, however, is how do I find that reason strong enough to force me to put my ideas on this blank canvas, and share with the world?

Why do you write Arny?