Interactive Advertisements: TV and Streaming

Do you remember that scene from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, starring the handsome Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka? Now, do you also remember the scene with his teleportation-television invention?

Maybe this will jog your memory…. (unless you have never watched this movie, then you HAVE to watch it now)


You could say Willy Wonka predicted the future.

HBO has released a television series that allows the audience to look into the mind of the characters and view the storylines from their perspective. The show and app, both respectively titled, MOSAIC combines the use of personal devices and old-school television to deliver a more meaningful experience to their customers. The app will be released and free to download this November, letting audiences in America create their own journeys in a fixed-storyline and in some cases, create different conclusions of the same narrative.


However, HBO is not the first to introduce interactive television programs. Entertainment Company Netflix was on this bandwagon since three years ago. Netflix has launched their interactive programs in June this year in America with children’s shows such as “Puss in the Book” and “Buddy Thunderstruck”; experimenting the attractiveness of the innovation on children first.

Kids think everything is interactive! – Carla Fischer

But how is this the…FUTURE?

Interactivity and convenience are two emerging trends in today’s learning economy and as digital marketers, we need to be ready for the future that innovations such as this bring. As mentioned in the Verge article, kids are growing up and expecting to have interactive experiences within their environment.

With this new technology available and the slow death of advertisements on television, perhaps we need to look to interactive ads in the future? Perhaps we could be headed into a future where we can buy the clothes we see on an ad (e.g. Boohoo) and buy right there and then. One swipe away from retail heaven.

yasss honey

My question is, how would we incorporate advertisements, campaigns and other promotions in a digital environment when most entertainment platforms allow you to skip ads or show none at all? Can we possibly create interactive content where consumers would take the time to watch/interact with it?

Let me know in the comments below!







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5 thoughts on “Interactive Advertisements: TV and Streaming”

  1. From what I talked about Social Media Influencers in my blog, I believe that the future will have content creators (lets use Youtubers in this case) incorporating the advertised product with their usual content (the video makes reference to the product when possible), as followers that are halfway through a video they enjoy will be receptive of advertisement information and are less likely going to skip just because of a few sponsor references.


  2. Wow! Never knew this existed. Now I have to add this to my long list of series to watch. Just imagine Game of Thrones having multiple endings… Incredible. But yes I find this new concept very interesting and gives users an interactive experience, which is highly sought after in todays era.

    In terms of making sure content from ads are seen, my best suggestion would be to keep it short, interactive and that wants users to find out more. Maybe in the future, if virtual reality becomes a big thing, advertisers could find interesting ways to bring the content up-close-and-personal and interacting with the user.


  3. This is a really interesting idea! As Glennstuff ^^ mentioned, the vast majority of shows have a streamlined plot that is pretty straight forward. However, I reckon this sort of “choices” advertising I’m going to call it has implications in social media as well. If we think about the voting system that Instagram has introduced, we are able to to a degree choice what in the future we will see (type of shoe for example). Fascinating topic!


  4. I think a great way to contain and ensure consumer attention, is shortening ads. 6 second ads are slowly being implemented into the industry, as they retain consumer attention as opposed to longer ads.
    In terms of how to advertise during interactive television, I think brands need to find other/smarter ways to advertise their brand. Social media advertisements will continue, on the platform, so I don’t think it would be that difficult for brands to find other methods of creating awareness.
    I honestly don’t watch television ads in the first place, and view majority of campaigns over online/digital platforms as well as print advertising.
    So interactive television sounds amazing, I hope it kicks of soon!!


  5. This is interesting. Normally I watch a movie that’s already setup and there’s only one ending to one movie. But with this idea, there’s endless and it depends on us, we control everything we want to see. Perhaps, this technology could be used in the marketing industry. I think the only grind is the budget. Because instead of making only 1 video, a company has to create multiple videos just for a single advertisement to adjust to different customers.
    But nonetheless, it’s amazing and I can’t wait to see this applied for marketing purposes.


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