The perfect album for wherever you go

What if you could go to a certain place in Melbourne, perhaps the Shrine of Remembrance, and there would be an album particularly dedicated to this location?

An album or playlist specifically made for St.Kilda Beach, Dandenong ranges or The Twelve Apostles?

It is possible and in fact, Swedish band “John Moose” have done this themselves. John Moose describes their music to be a constant war between civilisation and nature, thus no better place to release their new album than in the woods. But how do you release music in the woods?


Geo-tagging, we know, is a tool used to locate where consumers are and perhaps give them a reward for being in this location – i.e. Pokemon Go, or it can be most commonly used to promote a business’ location. Geo-tagging is not a fancy new innovation coming up in 2017, but it still has the potential to create meaningful content for your consumers.

Snapchat has recently released an AR (augmented reality) art exhibition on their new World Len’s feature. It features nine different locations around the world and at each location, there is an art installation by Jeff Koons.  It encourages consumers to visit the Sydney Opera House to find a cool 3D, AR art sculpture of Popeye.

popeye sailor man

Other innovations with Geo-tagging have been covered before, for example using geo-tagging to create location-based stories (everywhere you go becomes a museum of history) to opening numerous virtual pop up stores in the middle of the forest, or the beach. What the band John Moose did was create an app, that could geo-tag where the consumer was and once you were tagged to be within some type of forest, the music starts playing automatically!


With Geo-tagging there are a plethora of opportunities to be discovered that perhaps will become more prevalent with the emerging innovations of augmented reality. With the release of the Oculus, Google AR headsets and AR innovations in our mobile phones pioneered by Apple and Samsung, there is no doubt AR marketing will be a common method of communication in the next five years. As digital marketers, we need to continue to look to the future and find ways on how to effectively utilise new technologies to create meaningful content for our consumers, and it seems that AR is a potential avenue for us to explore.

How do you think Geo-tagging could be used to add to a brand’s marketing campaign? Maybe you have seen a campaign yourself but could be further improved through geo-tagging, let me know in the comments below!

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10 thoughts on “The perfect album for wherever you go”

  1. I love this! That is actually so smart and I think it really plays on the consumer experience. I would love to be able to exclusively listen to something that can only be accessed in that location and honestly the idea of encouraging people to get out and get some fresh air is an added bonus! This is so innovative and really makes this band stand out. I’ve never heard of them before but just from seeing that ad I want to check them out myself! I think that with the customer experience gaining importance, marketing like this really does wonders.
    I think that other advertising campaigns with interesting facts based on geo-tagging or something like that (similar to the AR art exhibition) would definitely capture my attention too!

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    1. Right? How cool is it? And also I think just the buzz alone about a band not releasing a certain album until you are at a certain location creates more talk and could send it viral; which would be a digital marketers dream.

      Honestly, if J.Cole or Kendrick Lamar released an album at a certain location, I would be there in a heartbeat. I also agree that it builds on the consumer experience. An album and hearing how amazing it is, is one thing but the environment in which you are listening to it too transforms it. If Sam Smith were to release his album at a certain location, I would suggest a church/cathedral because of the music that he has been releasing lately. It would just give me soooo much feels.


  2. The use of geotagging to advertise the release of John Moose’s new album is such a great way to attract consumers based on a completely new perspective! By persuading consumers to go into the woods, I feel like it endorses people a whole lot more with the music as well as definitely create a memorable experience! As you read on my latest post, American Airlines is also using geotagging in their recent campaign to reach out towards their consumers. Despite some potential problems that may occur through the technology, I do think that geotagging has the potential to enhance digital campaigns for marketers as we move into the future. For example, Woolies could use geotagging to provide promotions for local customers who visit their particular grocery stores.

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    1. oooh yes! Rewards accompanied with geo-tagging tech is always a good way to go. As I discussed in the earlier comments. I would personally love to get maybe fuel discounts if I visit my local Woolies store, I think that would really keep me loyal and coming back. Because fuel is a necessity, whereas choosing Woolies to do your groceries isn’t; therefore it could be a great way for them to be a part of the equation.

      I think I may have read yours! And American airlines are using it for taxis? I thought that was a pretty cool idea but one that had problems of consumer demographics perhaps not being as accurate as they want it to be. However I am sure with funds going into this campaign, they will most likely be able to fix that issue.


  3. Its incredible what is being done with geotagging. I read somewhere that a state in India is using this technology to monitor and keep track of stay dogs and the sterilisation of it. Fascinating.

    I think brands could use this technology to have pop up ads on mobile apps or social media apps for certain geographic locations– such as road safety ads at a carpark. Or maybe rewarding users with a discount for a meal/drink if they have walked a certain distance for the day!

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    1. Wow! Yes, I love the idea of road safety advertisements in car parks. Could even extend on the idea and introduce it on a train platform and every time you’re tagged near one; the dumb ways to die adverts and mobile app game can pop up with their ads. Although I can see how this idea could be potentially annoying and invasive if notifications pop up all the time.

      I think the reward idea is much better. As consumers can be rewarded for going to places. I know Urban Outfitters does this with their app, where if you geo-tag yourself to have visited one of their physical stores then you receive a reward for your online shopping use.


  4. Yeah I think you are on the right track! Snapchat has definitely been using geo-tagging to their advantage but I think they could definitely go further than just “SnapMaps”. Imagine General Pants, Universal Store and Glue all giving away exclusive merch/prizes to customers who win some sort of geo-tag hunt! Maybe consumers would take pictures of something at a certain location that is actually a piece of AR.

    And yeah definitely! I had never heard of Jeff Koons until he was associated with Snapchat. So it was really great for his own success and a cool feature for snapchat.

    What did you think about Pokemon Go?


  5. i read an article on how Jeff Koons strengthened he’s consumer awareness through Geo-tagging. So i think it is a great way to promote brands. Geo-tagging is super useful, it creates mystery and an adventure for discovery. It’s a great feature for Snapchat, and allows brands and consumers to connect over location. Anything that involves getting people out of their homes and actually experiencing life, is something i agree with.

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    1. Hey, thanks so much for commenting on a lot of my posts! 🙂 I plan to return the favour!

      I also read your post about Jeff Koons and your take on the art exhibition. And I was amazed by how much Koons’ reach increased just by partnering with Snapchat, but not all that amazed when I did research a while ago for my other post that boasted Snapchat’s audience as one of a kind and difficult to target using other social media platforms. You must have loved Pokemon Go then?


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